How about spending an afternoon in a ranch full of culture, that retraces the history of Brumadinho and is surrounded by nature?

The oratory painting workshop will allow you to awaken your creativity, under the guidance of the artist Lorena Mascarenhas, who will accompany your process of creating, painting, and decorating your work.

Enjoy this experience in the beautiful Afranópolis Ranch, surrounded by exuberant gardens!

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"Workshop of painting in oratories". - A Moment with Artist Lorena Mascarenhas

How about doing a painting workshop with an artist who uses an object full of symbolism to pass on her knowledge? What if this experience took place in an exuberant place where you could connect with nature and its surroundings?

This is what the artist Lorena Mascarenhas proposes in her experience”Workshop of painting in oratories”.

You must have realized by now that the oratory is more than just a decorative piece, right? The oratory is an object that since the Middle Ages, literally, keeps people’s faith and devotion. In Catholicism, they are used as shelters for images of saints and, in some homes, they have the status of works of art, because they are loaded with great representativeness and symbolism.

The experience with the plastic artist Lorena Mascarenhas takes place in the afternoons at Afranópolis Ranch. The place has exuberant gardens and is surrounded by nature. The environment is full of art and culture, retracing a little of Brumadinho’s history. The visitor who participates in the experience will take part in an oratory painting workshop that enables him, besides learning the technique, to awaken creativity in the details of the piece. Under the guidance of the artist, the visitor will be accompanied in each step of his creation process, from painting, choosing the colors, and finishing his work.