In this experience, at a beautiful site in Brumadinho, the hostess Juliana and the artcrafter Adilson open their doors and invite the visitors to meet a little about the millenary way of building dwellings from clay and slats and also taste a delicious coffee with cake full of affection and made with organic ingredients produced on the farm.

Who conducts this first part of the experience is the artcrafter, Adilson, Juliana’s husband. He inherited his knowledge from his late father. In it, the visitor is invited to not just set up the wall, but also pound the clay as the tradition dictates, with the feet.

The experience, after the contacts with the clay and the wood, brings both calm and tranquility, but also an invigorating feeling. Afterwards, we go for a coffee in front of a century-old house on the site.

The hostess Juliana prepares delicious freshly ground coffee accompanied by treats that have been lovingly made from delicious recipes. She proudly tells us that everything is made with organic and agro-forestry ingredients, produced on the farm.

If you are staying in Brumadinho, you can’t miss this experience.

Those who want can buy the products sold on the farm or even spend the night there in one of the 03 wooden chalets existing on the site. And be prepared: from the chalets you will have in front of you one of the most beautiful views of the Serra da Moeda.

How to Arrive :


Pau a pique workshop with affective coffee

In this experience, in which shows a love story and a couple’s bravery and has as a background a last century house, the host Juliana and her husband, the artisan Adilson, open their farm right at Serra da Moeda’s footslope, to receive visitors and know a little about the milenar way of building houses from clay and vines and taste some delicious afternoon coffee with organic and healthy ingredients produced in the farm.