A beer immersion bath is the proposal of the friendly entrepreneur Yvine Lopes, from “A Mi Manera – Bistrô, Pousada e Cervejaria Artesanal” (A Mi Manera – Bistro, Chalet and Craft Brewery).

It is in this romantic spot in the “Céu de Montanhas” that Yvine welcomes her visitors with smiles, delicious beers and creative labels, and above all, great conversation.

There, at “A Mi Manera” you can try an authentic experience that has been baptized as “A beer bath at A Mi Manera Chalet”.

A delicious beer bath where the visitor will be totally immersed in the hops, malt, and water at the ideal composition and temperature.

The first “Beer Bath” in the Region, besides being super relaxing, brings benefits, because beer is rich in vitamin B, helps clean the pores of the skin, improves body respiration, and revitalizes the nervous system.

According to the owner, men and women have sought out the experience that can be consumed without moderation.

How to Arrive :


A beer bath at A Mi Manera Guesthouse

At A Mi Manera Guesthouse you literally immerse yourself in hops and barley in a relaxing treatment accompanied by a Strong Ale.