This experience was built with great care! And it reminds us that we should take more care of ourselves. This activity was made to be experienced in the Viverde Space. An extraordinary place that has existed for almost 10 years and that nature spared no effort to bring together in a single space, a place for you to bathe in the waterfall, walk in the stream, walk the “Trail of Life” in the forest, learn breathing techniques, in short, to know yourself.

To do the experience, we suggest separating 4 hours in which you will disconnect from your problems and worries and immerse yourself in nature. There, Marcia, the host, will lead you in the practice of activities that are divided into: breathing exercises to de-stress, gain energy and balance emotions, better known by practitioners as Breathing Work – Pranayamas, then, the visitor will do an activity called “Pebble massage and waterfall bath”, because the visitor does a delicious walk in the river that passes through the forest that ends in a small waterfall, ready for a bath.

Another practice is the “Asana” exercises, which are Yoga classes. The place also offers a delicious “Trail of Life in the Woods”. On the trail there are several obstacles that simulate life situations and make us think about how to behave in face of them. Last, but not least, a detoxifying tea is served to complete the experience. The practice also has the purpose of alerting the visitor to have a balanced, ecological life, through practices and experiences brought from the ashrans in India.

The Viverde also offers to the visitors the option of a 1 hour experience, where the visitor participates in the experience “Pebble massage and waterfall bath”. In this one, the visitor will walk along the creek and ends with a bath in the waterfall.

How to Arrive :


Energetic Morning - Yoga and nature bath

This experience is for those who seek self-knowledge, physical, emotional, and mental balance. It is perfect for those who are tired and need moments of tranquility, a bath in nature, to rest and, at the same time, to enjoy moments of reflection in experiences led by people experienced in the practice of Yoga.

The hosts Robson Marques and Marta Pais opened the Espaço Viverde (Space Viverde), a sacred place, to promote a true spiritual retreat, where techniques brought from India will be applied. The experience comes from living in monasteries and asharans with masters and teachers who are very experienced in the deep teachings of Yoga. The activity lasts approximately 4 hours and starts at 8:30 every Saturday with a greeting and a detox tea.

Next, the physical senses of hearing, touch, taste, sight, and smell will be worked on with the goal of improving perception of the external world and of oneself. The Viverde Space has 11 thousand meters of trails in the forest, a stream, three natural pools, and a beautiful waterfall that cannot be left out of this experience of traveling from the outside in.

Finally, the visitor goes on the “Trail of Life” where the difficulties of everyday life are simulated in obstacles in nature. It’s impossible not to come away refreshed from an immersion that involves the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with nature, Yoga, and people who have the same goal of self-knowledge. If desired, visitors can also extend their stay at the site.