The Cleide’s Coffee is one of those places that you look at and just want to stop by. When you meet Cleide and all the delicious food that she makes, it is impossible not to come back.

The place is a meeting point for those who pass through Casa Branca (Nearby location of Brumadinho/MG) and there you can appreciate the traditional “quitandas” prepared by the local star – Cleide.

There you can find broa, cheese bread, potato bread, cassava cake with coconut, corn starch biscuit, broinha de canjica, all freshly baked and made with lots of love!

How to Arrive :


Coffee with Cleide

What about getting to know Minas Gerais throughout its delicacies? Take a delicious coffee accompanied by broa, pão de queijo, pão de batata, aipim cake with coconut, rosca, polvilho biscuit, broinha de canjica, all freshly baked. The experience of having coffee with Cleide is an immersion in the culture of Brumadinho.

Cleide, the house host, is the most famous quitandeira (traditional local business owner) of the city. She herself offers the experience and serves a complete characteristic coffee of Minas Gerais in a delicious backyard, right at the entrance of Casa Branca.

The experience of sitting at a table with a quitandeira is a class of entrepreneurship and dedication. Just 30 minutes and you will see why she is so famous in the region. Her friendliness and stories are worth hearing. Take the time to enjoy a coffee made with lots of love and filled with inspiration. Cleide is there waiting for you with a smile on her face and an oven full of tasty treats. Oh, and here’s a hint: once you try it, it’s impossible not to come back!