The Indaiá Ranch  is located in a beautiful region, next to the Mãe D’água (Water’s Mom) Spring, with a view to the Espinhaço Hill Range in Brumadinho. It offers visitors a tour through the agroforestry experience trails, with species identification, landscape reading, and interactions with nature.

These are the words that identify this activity, which will provide a better understanding of the space through a look of delight and the search for playfulness, the perception of the symphonies of the animals and the wind, the learning with the forest, the revelation of subtle languages, the exercise of our perception mechanisms.

How to Arrive :


Edible Forest

Trails, identification of plant species, and landscape reading are some of the activities developed in this experience that will provide a better understanding of our place in nature and the connection between thought, action, landscape, and food. This experience provides recreational moments and contact with a productive regenerative agroforestry system.

Indaiá Ranch has an immense diversity of species, with beautiful landscapes, besides promoting to the visitors a walk through the agroforestry trails with a better understanding of the space through a delightful look.