If you are looking for moments of connection with nature, well-being and relaxation, now you have found it! This place is called Santosha and it is very close, right here in the Brumadinho region.

There you will find the experience of being immersed in nature, where you will have the experience “A full moment in the middle of nature: massage and movements of centering and conscious awakening of the Body”.

The experience begins with a relaxing massage with essential oils in a quiet and peaceful place, prepared especially for the activity.

In the second moment, we are led to a breathing practice with centering exercises and pranayamas (yoga breathing work), with a brief warm-up with yoga, pilates, and bioenergetic movements.

Finally, visitors are served flavored water, tea, and fruit, concluding the practice. The result is impressive!

How to Arrive :


Connecting with contentment through integrative movements and integrative therapeutic massage therapy

If you are looking for moments of connection with nature, well-being, and relaxation, the ideal place is called Samtoshala, and it is close by, in the region of Brumadinho. There you will find the experience of being immersed in nature and will be able to do the experience.

The experience, led by Keila – a professional with extensive training in movement, corporeities, and integrative therapies, and almost 30 years of experience – begins with a brief practice of integrative movement. This practice unites elements from yoga, pilates, biotensegrity, and bioenergetics, where the visitor reaches a state of presence, connection, and conscious awakening of the body, besides stretching and releasing tensions.

In the sequence is performed foot scalding with essential oils and herbs, accompanied by flavored water or tea, handmade cookies and relaxing music. Finishing the practices the visitor receives a therapeutic integrative massage, which unites the release of fascias, hot stones, and essential oils. All this in a silent and peaceful place, specially designed to achieve a state of relaxation.

To conclude the experience a light and healthy snack is served, prepared in an artisanal and affective way. The final result is impressive. It is impossible not to leave more relaxed, calm, and invigorated from this experience.