Having an experience in the Marinhos Quilombo is unique! Certified by the Palmares Foundation, the quilombo is localized in Brumadinho/Minas Gerais and it is one of the city’s material and immaterial heritage. (Quilombos are traditional communities formed by ex-enslaved people and their descendants)

The touristic experience on the quilombo enables you to take a deep dive on the identity and culture of the Marinhos, which carry a centuries-old tradition.

The presentation is made with quilombola canticles, with power and faith representativity.

The experience enables, in addition to the contact with history and cultural manifestations, interaction with beautiful textile handicraft products, such as the Maria from Quilombo doll, designed by Ronaldo Fraga and produced by the quilombolas

How to Arrive :


Canticles and traditions from a Quilombola Community

Much more than a touristic experience. A cultural experience!

The visitor who knows at least one of the four Brumadinho quilombos is privileged!

Getting to know the quilombos is having contact with our own ancestrality, it’s being amongst an alive autonomous community, a place with an immense cultural, material and symbolic production.

The Marinhos Quilombo Experience, certified by the Palmares Foundation, offers the visitor a deep dive on the identity and local culture. Those who pass by the place will have the opportunity of practicing a rich cultural immersion and experience great moments together with the residents.

When arriving, the visitor will be pleased with a musical performance where the quilombolas bring canticles that carry a little of the local history.

After that, the visitor will have the opportunity to listen to the quilombolas themselves a little about the centuries-old values and manifestations  from quilombola cultural-historic tradition.

At last, it will be presented to the visitors the local handiwork, in special, the textile products. The dolls from Maria do Quilombo, designed by Ronaldo Fraga are the most searched by the tourist and are a complete success on house decorations.

Got curious?

So, let’s thrill and experience this living heritage?

Knowing a beautiful community that values its own past, present and future and don’t forget its traditions, lifestyle, knowledge and beliefs. The offer is made through organized events in advance by the community and articulated with local tourism reception and other partners.