You may have heard that “our body is a sacred place” or that “we are what we eat”. However, to hear is one thing, to practice is another. This tour invites you to visit the “Cheiro Verde Sacred Garden”, a unique place where we are “blended” with nature and reconnected with what is best in us.

When visiting the Horta, an apparently ordinary walk turns into a different experience. We are surprised by the life story of Aline and Clenilson, the Garden’s hosts.

Those who hear the story of the place, and how it is intertwined with Aline and Clenilson’s life, will never forget this experience.

A moving account shows how both of them changed their lives after coming into contact with the green, the leaves, the smell, and the earth. At the invitation of the hosts, we mix with the earth, the sounds, birdsong, music, smell, touch of each leaf, and understand that we came from the land and that we belong to it.

The sensory experience lasts about 1h30 and the visitor is invited to drink a delicious coffee prepared with ingredients harvested on site. There are various options: citron and mint tea, seasonal fruits, coffee, cake and a delicious natural whole wheat sandwich.

The closing is done with a special and emotional moment of appreciation.

It is impossible not to be moved or touched by this experience.

Those who visit the Garden carry in their luggage more than an experience, adding stories, smiles, hugs, plants, and vegetables, all coming from an agro-forest: the Sacred land called Cheiro Verde.


A Forest Bath in a Sacred Place

In the Garden, in Córrego do Feijão, we have contact with the richness of the agro-forest. There, we mix with the earth, the sounds, the birds singing, the music, the smell, the touch of each leaf, and we understand that we came from the land and that we belong to it.