From the State of Bahia, resident of Brumadinho for 20 years, “Tonha” arrived in the State of Minas Gerais and came to live in the paradise. With the joy of living and an easy smile, she takes care of her own magic place, somewhere full of plants, wires and cement bags, her work tools.

From the small hands of an artisan, beautiful pieces are made, like pots of concrete for plants, decoration leaves and products made of telephone cable and wire, that turn into decoration objects and utilities.

Who goes there, besides buying the products made by the artisan, is also able to choose between two thousand saplings in the garden: hibiscus, jasmine, blackberries, cactus, succulents, Philodendron, Swiss cheese plants, white christmas bush, bamboo orchid, some species amongst the enormous diversity of plants, flowers, fruits, saplings for gardening and ornamental plants. Her plants are famous for being just like the artisan, resistant and resilient.

Therefore the handcrafts from Tonha’s House carry the joy of who they made. They’re pieces that, while strong for being made of cement, are at the same time delicate. It’s the kind of product that you have to see to understand it.

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