In this magic backyard, fruits, herbs, and flowers transform themself in lots of love and memorable experiences.

It has taioba, jabuticaba, raspberry, suculenta, cactus and lots of herbs that become seasonings and aromatic salt on the hands of the sisters Íris and Margareth.

It is a space that welcomes and teaches the importance of good nutrition for the community kids and now for those who want to check it out as well, meet and take a cup of coffee… planted, harvested and toasted there.

How to Arrive :


Com as Mãos na Terra no Aprendendo no Quintal

Aprendendo no Quintal (Learning in the Backyard) it’s a symbol of joy, enthusiasm and lots of energy! The owners Iris and Margareth invite you to put your hands on the soil, while staying in their large backyard, full of diverse trees and plants.

This experience will allow you to get in touch with mother nature, you just have to pick up your vase and plant to call it yours!

And that’s it, you just gotta start.